Manufacturer & Exporter of Fixed Seating Systems

About us :

Theatre Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.  (TSIPL) is a manufacturing company specializing in high quality fixed seating and educational furniture. Our manufacturing facility is located in Vadodara, India. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Theatre Solutions International Limited, PA, USA.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of products and services and to insure that we always meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Through decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing fixed seating we have confirmed the utmost importance of careful coordination amongst the entire project team. Our project managers are highly skilled in all aspects of project planning and execution and are dedicated to insuring excellent communication between the Facility Manager, Architect, Designer, Contractor and all other related team members. Our goal is to deliver the completed seating project with the highest quality level and to do so on time, every time.

We encourage you to give us an opportunity to provide the flxed seating needs for your next project. We know that you will be rewarded with world class product quality and unparalleled service at competitive rates. Wouldn’t you like to join the growing list of our fully satisfied customers?

We have our primary manufacturing facility in Vadodara, India. Our India facility and US based design center will enable us to supply you world class, high quality products at competitive rates to keep you in the lead within your market. We stand ready to be your partner for implementation within the seating scope of your project and will always be ready to assist you in achieving your overall objectives. Our Manufacturing Center at Vadodara, India is equipped with full flanged welding shop, Upholstery Stitching & Cutting Shop, Atomized Assembly line & most importantly Strict Quality Control with batch wise inventory control of entire material flow.  We have started our process for obtaining Welding Standard as per BS EN 287-1.

Further, our vast experience of manufacturing and installing fixed seating has informed us the importance of assisting all of your project team members towards the successful project completion. We know how important it is to have good coordination amongst all of project agencies and we are ready to help you with this.

We have started our sales in India from April 2011, We have completed some highly reputed projects like corporate research center, Govt. Engineering colleges, Home theatres, Town hall and educational high school furniture.


Our development team has taken successful trial bring out our largest writing pad of size 16” x 12”.

We are expecting  the commercial rollout by Dec 2017.

Single Motion Tablet Arm


TSI officially inaugurate its second manufacturing unit in vadodara India, with the upgraded facility, now we can offer fast turnaround  to any manufacturing requirements.

New Facility Inauguration


TSI, launches its brand new cinema designs for the wider choise of our customers.

Launch of Renewed Cinema Series


Infrastructure :

TSIPL, have all the core manufacturing facility  in house. We do have design & Development, Product Engineering, Testing and Validation, Quality control , Customer Support, Procurement team in place to roll out the best combination of Quality and timeline.  In our production  area we have Metal Fabrication Facility, Stamp Shop, Machine Shop,  Welding shop,,Pasting Line, Assembly line, Fabric Cutting Section, Upholstery Preparation line,  Final Assembly line to bring out each section’s best performance with dedicated and experience manpower in their field.